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Oria Capital is the first technology-focused PE in the world to become a B Corp company

São Paulo, July 2020

Oria Capital ("Oria"), leader in B2B technology investments in Brazil, is proud to announce that it has been certified as a B Corporation ("B Corp"), becoming the first private equity firm focused on B2B technology in the world to receive such recognition.

B Corporation certification is granted to for-sustainable practices. The rigorous certification process, led by B Lab, measures the company's social and environmental commitment, evaluating how the operation impacts the community, its workers and clients, and the environment. Companies must show a balance between profitability and purpose, meeting the highest social and environmental standards, along with public transparency and legal responsibility.

Oria Capital invests in companies with high growth in the technology sector in Brazil. The team acts together with the invested companies to better promote a high sustainable growth, the incorporation of world class governance practices, and the implementation and monitoring of ESG practices.

"We have always believed and practiced strong standards of governance and transparency, since when we were technology companies executives in the 1980s. We are passionate about technology, because it impacts and transforms value chains and people's lives. We continuously strive to refine our ESG process and metrics, and formally apply the same structure to invested companies. We are pleased and grateful to achieve the B Corp status with a score of 90.4, further confirming our commitment to the diverse communities we serve," said Jorge Steffens, co-founder of Oria.

Mariana Ramos Dias, CEO and co-founder of Gupy, an Oria's portfolio company dedicated to online recruitment and hiring with extensive use of artificial intelligence, adds: "Being certified as a B Corporation is a recognition of social commitment and governance. While working on the digital transformation of the HR sector in Brazil, Oria's team inspires us to raise our bar even higher - and to do so by measuring the social impact, diversity, and enhancement of our communities".

With this certification, Oria joins a select global group of 2,500 companies around 130 industries and 60 countries. Oria is the first private equity firm focused on B2B technology companies to be awarded this global recognition.

About Oria: Founded in 2008 by professionals with over 30 years of experience in the industry, Oria Capital is a private equity firm specialized in B2B technology investments/corporate software companies with high growth potential and solid recurring revenues. Oria invests in technology companies that contribute to a sustainable world and that can increase productivity, create quality jobs and face gender inequality. Oria currently manages a portfolio of investments valued at over R$ 1Bn with 12 companies from various sectors.The team has already participated and led over 40 transactions, totaling more than R$2 Bn in Latin America, including IPOs, follow-ons and M&As.

About B Corporations™: The B Corporation certificate is intended for for-profit companies that use the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy. They meet the highest social, environmental, performance, transparency and accounting standards. To date there are over 2,500 B Corps in 130 industries in 60 countries worldwide.

About B Lab™: B Lab is a non-profit organization that serves a global movement of people who use business to do good. Its initiatives include B Corp Certification, administration of B Impact Management Programs, and advocacy for beneficial corporate governance structures. B Lab's vision is of a thriving economy based on inclusion and sustainability.

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