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Oria Capital invests R $ 40 million in Gupy. Leading HR Tech software solution

At a time when companies are freezing hiring and looking for alternatives to survive, recruitment and selection startup Gupy managed to swim against the tide. With a strategy focused on product adaptability and offering new services to the human resources department, the company has grown 25% on the first quarter. The results are so positive that, amidst the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, the startup has received an investment of 40 million reais from fund manager Oria Capital.

According to the founder and president of Gupy, Mariana Dias, the company had its eye on a new round of investments since 2019. The first conversations with Oria about an investment took place before the pandemic, but even with Covid-19, the manager kept her word and did not change the market value of the startup. "It's a very robust fund, with experience in the technology market, can help us at this moment," says the president.

According to Paulo Caputo, Oria partner, despite the crisis, the market is active and with capital available for investments in good business. "We have a huge range of market opportunities and of exceptional companies to invest, such as Gupy", he says.

With the investment, the startup plans to accelerate operation growth- which tripled in 2019. Taking advantage of the fact that more and more companies are investing in digital processes in the HR area, Gupy wants to expand throughout Brazil, improve its current recruitment platform and launch new services, allowing a full online selection process. "We want to make the platform more robust for yhe HR, the manager and the candidates," says Dias.


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