We are passionate about technology because it transforms and impacts value chains and people’s lives.


We are fans of the entrepreneurs who want to be market leaders and the investors that help us realize our passion.


A team of industry experts with decades of experience in business and operational technology.


We are more than a private equity firm. We are multipliers of knowledge who want to create perpetuity in businesses and innovation in the world.



We have already been on the other side of the table, working for and running technology companies in various different stages and moments.

We see each investee as a unique venture, more than long term capital, we are part of the business, we focus on knowledge transfer.

We look for entrepreneurs with business models focused on scale, recurring revenue and people with vision and a capacity to deliver.



Our team has already participated and led + 40 transactions in technology worth +BRL2 billion in Latin America, including IPOs, follow-ons and M&As.


Our funds have already invested +BRL250 million in 16 high-growth SaaS companies that have already been involved in more than 10 M&As.


We have already successfully made our first divestments and are aiming for even better capital returns.


Oria aims to contribute to a sustainable world through its investments in technology which have the potential to improve productivity, reduce transactional costs for individuals and Small and Medium Businesses (“SMBs”), while developing industry leading companies that create quality jobs and address gender inequality.



The health sector in Brazil has shown strong growth in recent years and market expectations indicate that this expansion will continue for a number of reasons that affect demand, such as the changing age pyramid, the growth of the elderly population and the desire for better quality services; and also factors driving supply, such the growth of private investment and the opening of the market to foreign capital.


One of ORIA’s investment theses is SaaS solutions focused primarily on enhancing productivity, management capacity and information for this sector. This includes the operations of the health agents (hospitals, health insurance, clinics), the supply chain (medicines, materials, equipment) and the patients (prevention, assessment, and monitoring).

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